Nicier CV Writing

Your choices when selecting who you want to re-write your CV….

You trawl the many CV writers online and realise that they use a stock standard “free template”, then charge you for the privilege. Or you could go to the many who charge over £1,000 + VAT to re-write your CV and offer the sun, the moon and the stars but all you get is mediocrity. I could name a few, but.

Nicier provides bespoke CV writing to the highest standard.

Here at Nicier, we offer personalised custom CV’s that work for you. We listen and talk in person with you, using decades of career building recruitment consultancy skills and experiences that will work for you when you want your CV re-written. 

Tell us what you want to achieve from your new CV, what you think is a fair price for our services – which we can discuss, then let’s take it from there….we want to help you.